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A haven for Twilight lovers of all kinds. A place to role-play and write fanfiction to your heart's content.
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 Welcome all

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Queen of Angst
Chasing inspiration around the room
Chasing inspiration around the room

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PostSubject: Welcome all   Wed Mar 19, 2008 9:38 am

Hello all Ink Drinkers! I welcome you to my forum!

A few words before I cut you loose...

First, this is a fiction site. That means it's for things that ARE NOT REAL!!! If you can't figure that out, touch for you!
Because it's fiction and mostly Twilight fiction, please respect the universe Stephenie Meyer has created. Things that she has said can't happen (i.e. Edward can't get Bella pregnant) can't happen. Sorry.

Be nice to people please. Everyone has a right to create whatever they want, and the last thing anyone needs is flaming. Therefore, if you don't have anything constructive to say, don't say anything. Got it?

Please please please PLEASE no netspeak! That means, spell things right (love, instead of luv) and use the entire word (for, instead of 4). if you need to check whether it is netspeak or not, ask yourself whether your grandmother would understand it. That usually works. Abbreviations and expressions like lol or jk are fine.

Have fun! This is for role-players and writers to be themselves! No idea is too stupid, and no writing is too bad to be welcome here.

You don't have to have your character as your avvie, but it helps. if you are going to do it that way, then please either pick an (appropriate) picture of your character without words, or change the words to say the character's name instead. you can do that easily on photobucket or photoshop depending on your preference, or you can ask someone to help you. i'd be glad to do it, if you need me to. just please don't leave the actor/actress/model's name on because then it gets confusing.

~Queen of Angst
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Welcome all
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